Hugh Masekela is Now Taking the Literary Route

Photograph by Mabuti Kali

Asked about whether he would consider slowing down, Masekela said: “Music is my life. I cannot retire from myself. This is my job. I have always been involved with music in one form or another. I have never worked for anyone in my life.

Hugh Masekela: His Rock and Roll Redemption

“Pussy is the gateway to the earth. But we disrespect it… What guy hasn’t treated his lady badly by fucking around, huh?” Hugh Masekela’s eyes dart out into space, challenging, daring his audience to agree. Silence. Then a tentative show of hands from his entourage.

Trumpet grooves from Masekela’s homeland

Africa Review By Billie Odidi Born out of South Africa’s apartheid system, Hugh Masekela was an early entrant into the world of trumpets and drumbeats; benefiting immensely from some of the best musical experiences of the world. His first trumpet was a gift from Louis Armstrong; Harry Belafonte facilitated his flight to New York where … Read more