Bayelsa International Jazz Festival

The Yuletide season couldn’t have started on a better note for Bayelsans and numerous jazz enthusiasts who stormed the Gloryland Cultural Center, Yenagoa, for the inaugural edition of the Bayelsa International Jazz Festival.

Festival of Lights

‘We are committed to uniting the many diverse communities from across the metropole and invite all Capetonians to come out in their numbers and enjoy the celebrations.”

Baobab Singers Collaboration

Bra Hugh jokes: ”I was amazed at the speed at which the girls learned the new songs. I suspect they are also dabbling in African witchcraft.”

Trumpeting His Love for SA Languages

Times Live Thekiso Anthony Lefifi Hugh Masekela was terrified of losing his ability to speak South African languages during his 30 years in exile. The legendary trumpeter, one of three musicians featured in the 21 Icons South Africa project, left the country shortly after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960 to study music in the UK … Read more

Healing Our Heritage

Photograph by Gallo/Foto24

“What I’m trying to do is restore pride in their heritage, in their ethnic identity, in their language and in their artists. So the festival is a good platform for that.”

The Masekela, Willis and Gismonti Southern Connection

Mail and Guardian Stefanie Jason Johannesburg came alive on Saturday evening when jazz greats took to the stage for “South Meets South — An Evening With The Masters”. The feelings of familiarity rose from the soft cries of Hugh Masekela’s flugelhorn and the timeous notes from Larry Willis’s piano playing. This familiarity is undoubtedly owed … Read more

Southern Masters of Jazz Join Forces

IOL Therese Owen High-brow jazz forms a major part of the annual Arts Alive this year. It will be one of the rare occasions when South Africans will be able to see Hugh Masekela play classical jazz. He will be joined by life-long friend and jazz pianist extraordinaire Larry Willis. Their performance forms part of … Read more