Playing @ Work Review by The Citizen

Hugh Masekela – Playing @ Work

The Citizen Online
Kulani Nkuna

Bra Hugh Masekela is back in his melodic popular jazz element with this album, which sounds like it was recorded in a jovial setting.
RATING: 7/10

Even with songs that have serious messages, like Africa Hold Hands, Masekela plays with the arrangements, creating songs that could easily be enjoyed at a wedding or party but in which he tackles issues such as xenophobia and pan-Afri-canism. Vocals play a huge role, with sharp lyrics that tell stories of years and years of knowledge and experience.

Go Look Out For Mama is a soulful meditation and speaks of the balance to be found in this album. Masekela has made his name long ago and he now makes his music with a great awareness of self and what he stands for.

He is simply playing at work, as the title suggests.